Rooted in the earth and reaching for the heavens

A Tree of Life pendant is a way to give yourself or a loved one a symbol that has travelled across centuries throughout the world’s cultures, philosophies and religions.

  1. Wearing a tree of life means that you honour the bonds that tie us to our families and to others.
  2. Ancient wisdom tells us that we each have a right to exist and we each have a role we must play in the earthly and spiritual evolution of the word around us.

Each individual tree grows from a seed that contains a distinct destiny, much like how each of us is born of a genetic code that we alone possesses. All living things are shaped by time and experiences, all pain, the disappointments, the lessons and the joy are the winds, rains and sunlight that nurture us into being.

Just like the tree of life, we grow into ourselves as a natural and unique part of the universe, and all of us must bear good fruit.